We're Passionate About Talent

Pride Stars started as a single location talent contest in 2016 during Winter Pride Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. The feedback from the audience, local governments, sponsors and contestants was overwhelming. It did not take long untill Pride Stars converted into an international talent contest between a selection of Pride events in Europe. In 2017, Johan Seil and Eugene became the first winners of the Pride Stars World Grand Final. Pride Stars expanded fast and in 2019 hosting Pride events like Pride Amsterdam, Blackpool Pride, Vicenza Pride and Manilva Pride hosted a Pride Stars Final. In that same year the real time interactive voting app was launched and Pride Stars expanded to the USA with Houston Pride being the first overseas hosting Pride city.

What we stand for

Pride Stars wants to offer talent the opportunity to shine! To be who they are and what they stand for. To show their talent to the world on a stage they deserve. Pride Stars is distinctiveness in being the only global talent show focussed on Pride events. There are over a thousand Pride celebrations per year with hundreds of millions of visitors. That makes Pride Stars the worlds largest live talent competition.
  • Diversity
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Dignity
  • Visibility
  • Celebration

Extensive Experience

Behind Pride Stars there is a motivated team of persons who make it happen. The core Pride Stars team consists out of 4 persons located in Las Palmas, Amsterdam and Houston. With their combined experience of organising Pride events, large productions, publicity and marketing campaigns, artist management and talent scouting they have shown to be the perfect mix for creating a fantastic celebration.

Pride organisors are guided during the entire Pride Stars process including contestant selections, social media and internet promotion, production and logistics and much more.

Meet the Pride Stars Team

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Joris Rijnders

Europe & Asia

Emiel Wijnberg

Europe & Asia

Sjoerd (Sergio) de Vries

North & South America

Born. Be. Live. Shine.

Let Your Talent Shine

Check out our Ambassadors!

Pride Stars is supported by its Ambassadors. You can also expect a guest appearance of one of the Ambassadors at your local Pride Stars Final!

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Pride Stars is a high quality live show production and offers any Pride event in the world the possibility to host a Pride Stars Final at their Main Stage.